Sunday, July 8, 2012

That's some high water!

Hey, look at me, embedding a photo into a blog post!  That's a first!

We were hanging around St. Cloud, MN yesterday and happened to go down to the dam, where the Mighty Mississippi is still showing the effects of all the flooding in northern Minnesota over the past three weeks.  The Mississippi is still really high in Brainerd and the neighboring counties, including where I work, were declared a federal disaster last week, so it's apparent that flooding was significant this year.  It was interesting to see how high and wild the water was still running here, many miles downriver.

It was a gorgeous day.  I went to college for two years right across the river from where we were, and yet had never been to the dam, or anywhere on the south side of the bridge.  We walked to the north side of the bridge and through the Munsinger gardens and enjoyed some beautiful flowers and really friendly ducks.  Wish we'd had some bread for them. 


  1. WOW! Cool look at the Mississippi - I've only seen it from the air and even that I am not sure about.......

  2. Very impressed about putting the pic in! I'm with Graciewilde - I THINK I've seen the Mississippi, but not really sure :)


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