Thursday, July 19, 2012

No wonder

One of my favorite bloggers, Elan Morgan at schmutzie dot com, posted 25 Things I'm Afraid to Write About here.  Boy did that get me thinking over the past few days.  You know that lack of writing I've been doing (or not doing?), it is directly related to my self-censoring for mostly this very same reason.

Another blog I read had a post some time ago about how she isn't as troubled as she might sound at times, because she uses her blog to vent and doesn't write about the other, perhaps mundane but certainly more stable/pleasant, parts of her life.  That also got me thinking. 

So here we are:

Things I Don't Write About Because This Is Not A Private Journal:

1.  My work
2.  My friends and the negative parts of my relationships with them
3.  My family and the negative parts of my relationships with them
4.  Personal information about my friends and family
5.  Sex
6.  Politics and/or social issues and the politics around them

Well hell - what does that leave me really?  When my head is full of thoughts on those topics, no freakin' wonder I find no words flying out into blog posts. 


  1. I don't write about any of that stuff either. I'm with you - this is not a personal journal for me and some things are meant to be private. Maybe that's why I write such lame things all the time!! haha

  2. Sometimes I write about my work b/c it impacts who I am - it brings me great satisfaction and also great frustration. I avoid writing about negative interactions with family and friends - that's not necessary. I never want to hurt anyone with the blog posting. I guess I have written about personal info with family and one friend - but it was a profile : my dad, each of my children, my wonderful friend Frank who died - these were all good posts. Sex? nah. Sometimes I do write about politics or social issues - it is refreshing and respectful writing, I hope
    I ALWAYS look forward to your posts, Sarah, no matter what you write!


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