Wednesday, August 1, 2012

another tick off my bucket list

Had the good fortune to see one of my favorite singer songwriters in concert tonight at one of my favorite places - the Minnesota Zoo uses their outdoor amphitheater for Music in the Zoo in the summertime and my sister and I went to see Mary Chapin Carpenter.  She has long been a favorite, since the first time I ever heard her music, and she has long been on my list - for whatever reason - of celebrities I'd like to have a beer with.  Well no beer tonight, but I am very happy to like her just as much after the concert - she seemed nice and friendly and grateful and funny.

Got me thinking about other groups I've seen in concert ... I have a pretty limited live music experience.  My first concert was Styx during their Kilroy was Here tour.  I was a senior in high school.  Then I saw the Nylons and Billy Joel in my early 20s.  When I was in Seattle, I saw some groups I don't recall the names of, but I did see one concert by The Proclaimers (awesome!) and I saw Pearl Jam at the Gorge in George, with Neil Young (Eddie Vedder was so drunk it was kind of disappointing).  I saw Harry Connick Jr (he is a wild performer and so fun - and adorable) during law school and I also won tickets to some concert with three pop/rock groups who had big songs around then but I can't for the life of me remember who those groups were...and I don't think I've seen anyone since then (1999).

So maybe having a beer with Mary Chapin was a bit of a stretch for my bucket list, so I'll consider it satisfied with tonight and our front row seats.  Worth every penny!


  1. Your concert attendance fair outnumbers mine! Mine were almost all back in the 70"s , actually, - once responsibility kicked in, concerts went packing. They were too expensive, for one thing, and just too much trouble (not unlike downhill skiing).
    Sadly,(?) I wouldn't recognize the music of MCC if you put it in front of me :(

  2. I love Mary Chapin! I love to see her in concert. I'll add that to my bucket list!

  3. I always wanted to see Billy Joel - - in his best years, and in a small arena - - like a piano bar! I did see Elton John in San Diego and he was so much fun! I've seen Simon & Garfunkel, which was one of my favorite concerts. I've seen others, but I've never seen the Proclaimers (never heard of 'em either!).

  4. I'm fairly certain that my concert-going days are over. Back in the day, though, I was very into live music. Jethro Tull: four times; The Who, Led Zeppelin; Styx, Bruce Springsteen; The Amazing Rhythm Aces; Bob Segar; The Doors (1967) Chambers Brothers; Guess Who; Three-Dog Night; Carol King; Steppenwolf, Jimmy Buffet (four times), and U-2. Now, I can't handle being in the middle of a crowd; even the Giants games have gone by the wayside. I enjoyed reading about your experience!

  5. One of my faves too Sarah. Also the Nylons saw their concerts all the time. Elton John, Billy Joel, Paul Simon and the Graceland tour, oh I could go on. Great you kicked one off the bucket list, I had Ella F on mine for years, never made it. Huge regret.


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